Darkness and Lightness

Presence of the Lightbearer

Kurt squatted down on his haunches, watching his young partner fidget. The tunnel went deep, his shoulders ached from repelling down it for the last half hour. The halfling, by contrast, only seemed to grow more excited and spry with every new drop.

The hole continued down, not perfectly vertical of course–more of a steep decline–but farther wasn’t wise. Pellingrasstonwireson (Pell, for short, as he liked to be called in the hume fashion) wanted to continue. Kurt, valuing his own safety above most things, refused to budge.  And it’d been fifteen minutes of whining and pleading from the young buck ever since.

“Even if there is some danger, Mister Krowder” the tiny man appealed in his nasaly scurve, “I reckon we are more that it’s match, eh? Bit of darkness and rock is no great beast, say wot?” Kurt just stared into the still and opaque black below them and shrugged. These new sneaks, all swords and ropes, they are. Not a one bothering to read up on the least bit of the history they wanted to steal.

Kurt just rolled his eyes and nodded, extending a hand down and inviting the small master thief to continue down.  With a brief hop and a grin, the halfling leapt down into the darkness and the screams that followed shook the cavern.

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Well, That Took a While…

keep-calm-we-re-backBack.  I am most definitely back from both real life and vacation… gone longer than I thought I’d be.  But that’s how it is when your group has holiday interruptions to sessions and a man has to pay the bills. But, that out of the way, we’re going back to our old update schedule starting this weekend.

At the moment, we have a half-dozen new items for our Better Than Nothing series, a half-dozen new traps for our Make Players Worry series, a review of the mass-combat rules from Unearthed Arcana (our game ran through a multi-battle war), and some other gaming content (we’ll be adding some reviews and opinions about Savage Worlds, some old school systems, and conversions from old D&D).

Oh, and we’ll post up some details about our building and playing our own full game of “Chardee MacDennis” (hundreds of cards, props, pain and terror, etc.).

It’s going to be a busy holiday.