Errata for Lost Artifacts of Greyghast


Find the Page, Section, and sentence(s) that should be changed to Lost Artifacts of Greyghast below. Any highlighted words are ones that need to be added/corrected.  Any highlighted and struck through words are ones that get removed.

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Page 4 – Additional Contributors – “James McCarthy, Andrew Sego, Michael Smar, Greg Spanier, Jeff Travis Stormfury, Braeden Weiss”

Tomes & Canons

Page 229 System – “Doing so reduces their maximum hp by 1d10, permanently; such is the disfavor of gods. DMs are encouraged to consider restoring this loss only through some truly divine miracle.”

Page 307 – System – “Even resolute creatures, planning an ambush and seeing the wielder approach, would feel feel fine only until they tried to advance on the bearer.”