“It Isn’t Counterfit If You Believe Hard Enough” or “Making Coins for Deadlands”

I love Deadlands more than Boomtown loves his wife... If you've paid attention to this little game blog, you've seen where I've made stuff over the years. I've made projector rigs and proxies and all sorts of stuff. I like to have a lot of simple feel at the table, you know? My games rely... Continue Reading →

The Best Miniatures on a Budget (Take 2)

I've talked about this before--the minis I use for my table. I had the same problems most DMs find themselves having when they want miniature-based (or grid-based) combat... minis themselves. They're a nexus of three major conflicts: Reference - we want miniatures that can be used in the place of monsters and players in a... Continue Reading →

The Best Budget Minis for Practical Needs

So, we've tested out a number of mini solutions. Cardboard stands (too light, too fragile, seem to look nice but feel in the way).  Reaper minis (beautiful but not cheap to field a whole game of NPCs and monsters with).  D&D minis (beautiful and perfect, but definitely expensive) and everything else under the sun, it... Continue Reading →

Our Second Test of a Low-Cost, Home-Built Projected Table-Top

For those paying attention, we've been working on physical resources--not just digital ones--this month.  If you haven't looked at our first projector build you can click here.  Since then, we decided to take the basic concept and put a little more engineering into it. But, first principles... we still wanted to keep the build itself... Continue Reading →

Our First Test of a Low-Cost, Home-Built Projected Table-Top

It's all the rage and just started up as a fad... using projectors to cast an image onto a table top for the running of games like D&D (honestly, I've not heard of it used anywhere else, but it would be hugely useful for complex combat-oriented games like Dark Heresy as well).  I first saw this... Continue Reading →

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