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So, we brave and few here at Many-Sided Dice (after the completion of our 200th “better than nothing” magic item) have taken on the opportunity to create similarly storied and systemed Traps for 5e games of D&D.  The project here being to provide a couple of hundred traps with some depth to them—a sense of complexity, a fresh take on old standards, a new introduction of what can be thought of as a trap, and some sprinklings of backstory and context for them to maybe drive some new ideas to the curious DM.

Below, our contents are sorts by Name, but you’ll find tabs (it’s a Google Drive embed) for Type—which we mean to be “context for how it was made or located” for easy sorting—and our own idea of how lethal it is.  Absent are CR and XP, as we feel that is entirely based on the specific circumstances and efforts of a party and the environment of a DM.