Beholders – Crazy Alien Deathboxes

  If you don't know what beholders are (the basics) you should read up on the Wikipedia article for them or even better the post at Power Score about them. Suffice to say, beholders are alien things from another dimension/reality that are not only an iconic D&D monster from way, way back, but also the... Continue Reading →

Orcs, the Panic of Banjos

This is part of a series exploring some advice on how to use certain monsters in your games–a resource for flavor and occasional combat tips. This is from an old post, being reposted--I expect I'll revise in the near future. By and large, I think most people feel they have a grasp on most monsters--so... Continue Reading →

Making Mundane Combat Useful and Storyful

One can't just line up CR's in order of lowest to highest and run every game like a prolonged episode of the Power Rangers where you fight the easy then the medium then the hard then the hardest... you can, I guess, but I'm probably in good company suggesting that you shouldn't. However, what really... Continue Reading →

This Is What Dragons Actually Believe: A Draconic Creation Myth

Every intelligent creature will on occasion consider its place in the universe, and this is doubly true in a world where gods might walk the earth while mortal magicians can toy with the very forces of creation. So what must dragons think of all these ridiculous humanoid beings claiming to be at the center of... Continue Reading →

Goblins, the Great Bastards

This is part of a series exploring some advice on how to use certain monsters in your games--a resource for flavor and occasional combat tips. Where are they? I like to think of goblins as being the fantasy equivalent (where possible) of the old slum and street gangs of England and the United States in... Continue Reading →

Running Hobgoblins

THIS IS PART OF A SERIES EXPLORING SOME ADVICE ON HOW TO USE CERTAIN MONSTERS IN YOUR GAMES--A RESOURCE FOR FLAVOR AND OCCASIONAL COMBAT TIPS. So, I like to take intelligent, lawful evil things seriously. Very seriously. Like Dr. Doom seriously. Hobgoblins being the more featured "antagonists" of Kalamar (the setting we in my group... Continue Reading →

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