Magic Items That Are Better Than Nothing (Table of Contents)

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Our Utility regards classification (my own) for each one’s imagined utility:

  • Occasionally useful, but otherwise fine for any party and easily abandoned for better items later on.
  • Stuff that requires some Trade-Off or tough choices regarding “is it worth using right now”; good for a party, but super-specific or better imagined than executed.
  • Risky items, stuff that swings for the fences or is very complex–the benefits are significant, but narrow, and often limited or lethal.

If you cannot see the tables of content below (tabs for name, type, class, etc.–all pre-sorted), please contact us with the contact form in the above menu.

(and as we’ve had users draw several items and submit the illustrations, we’re thinking about launching a Kickstarter to get the whole collection–once we hit 200–illustrated by various artists out there in the D&D-scape online and available as a fully indexed, searchable, and color illustrated PDF…)


Name (200 items) Type Utility Class A Class B
Abin’s Course Footwear (B) Trade-Off Monk Paladin
Acccursed Ring of Krin the Arcane Ring (B) Trade-Off Wizard Sorcerer
Adze of Becoming Tool/Kit (B) Trade-Off Druid Wizard
Aegian Sceptor Rod (B) Trade-Off Druid Cleric
Ambrosia Consumable (A) Occasional Sorcerer Paladin
Armor of Guile Armor (A) Occasional Ranger Cleric
Ash of Yesterday and Tomorrow Eyewear (A) Occasional Druid Cleric
Atlas of Forever Book (C) Risky Monk Cleric
Aubritan’s Sacrifice Weapon (B) Trade-Off Cleric Paladin
Bade of Guile Shield (B) Trade-Off Ranger Fighter
Bag of Horror Weapon (A) Occasional Wizard Warlock
Baneful Paerma Shield (A) Occasional Paladin Cleric
Baneslayer Wand (B) Trade-Off Cleric Paladin
Barony of Haverwood Wonderous (A) Occasional Bard Rogue
Bastard Sand Wonderous (A) Occasional Rogue Bard
Bastian Churn Consumable (B) Trade-Off Warlock Sorcerer
Battlewale Rod (B) Trade-Off Paladin Bard
Baxeae Rootgiant Footwear (B) Trade-Off Druid Barbarian
Billowing Cloak of Father Wind Cloak (B) Trade-Off Druid Ranger
Blaque Rider Weapon (C) Risky Monk Rogue
Bleeder Weapon (A) Occasional Fighter Barbarian
Blessed Many Rod (B) Trade-Off Fighter Monk
Blisterkrau Shroud Robe (A) Occasional Warlock Cleric
Blood Jar Wonderous (C) Risky Warlock Wizard
Bluehorn Cloak Cloak (A) Occasional Fighter Bard
Body of Power Wand (C) Risky Sorcerer Monk
Bones of Shog Wonderous (C) Risky Barbarian Monk
Book of Names Book (B) Trade-Off Wizard Warlock
Boots of Proteas Footwear (A) Occasional Druid Warlock
Box of Princely Comeliness Tool/Kit (A) Occasional Bard Monk
Braed’s Cage Neckwear (A) Occasional Barbarian Fighter
Brucker’s Pipe Wonderous (B) Trade-Off Warlock Sorcerer
Calling Boots Footwear (A) Occasional Sorcerer Cleric
Caufwein Stradgart Instrument (A) Occasional Barbarian Bard
Censor of Love Neckwear (A) Occasional Bard Wizard
Chronicler’s Book Book (B) Trade-Off Warlock Wizard
Circlet of Joining Headwear (B) Trade-Off Druid Paladin
Clan Tarsainn Clothing (A) Occasional Barbarian Ranger
Cloak of the Eldest Cloak (B) Trade-Off Warlock Sorcerer
Conqueror’s Tread Footwear (A) Occasional Paladin Monk
Consecrated Bakama Clothing (C) Risky Monk Paladin
Corestaff Staff (A) Occasional Wizard Sorcerer
Corwiss Heirs Shield (B) Trade-Off Paladin Cleric
Coward’s Shield Gloves (B) Trade-Off Rogue Monk
Cray of the Dead God Armor (C) Risky Barbarian Warlock
Darkle Fas Book (C) Risky Rogue Ranger
Dilansuite Regalia Clothing (A) Occasional Wizard Sorcerer
Divider Rod (A) Occasional Fighter Monk
Docker’s Shield Eyewear (B) Trade-Off Fighter Monk
Dome of the Lost Wonderous (B) Trade-Off Rogue Ranger
Dragonswill Consumable (C) Risky Sorcerer Warlock
Draught of Perfect Health Consumable (B) Trade-Off Ranger Monk
Driftcloak Cloak (B) Trade-Off Rogue Ranger
Eighth Wand of the Good Man Wand (C) Risky Druid Cleric
Entertainer’s Cuff Wonderous (A) Occasional Bard Warlock
Executioner’s Silks Wonderous (C) Risky Sorcerer Ranger
Faahngheim Birken Wonderous (A) Occasional Barbarian Druid
Fatebox Wonderous (B) Trade-Off Wizard Warlock
Father of Tribes Weapon (A) Occasional Barbarian Fighter
Feast Tool/Kit (C) Risky Sorcerer Sorcerer
Felsheet Quality Parchment Wonderous (A) Occasional Wizard Warlock
Ferranimus Joiners Tool/Kit (B) Trade-Off Wizard Warlock
Fiddle of the Mad God Instrument (B) Trade-Off Bard Warlock
Finery of the Duke of Gaw Clothing (A) Occasional Bard Rogue
Finger of the Mad God Weapon (A) Occasional Rogue Cleric
Fingersmoke Consumable (A) Occasional Barbarian Druid
Fire of Life Neckwear (C) Risky Warlock Sorcerer
Firmament Footwear (A) Occasional Druid Monk
Flashwood Rapier Weapon (B) Trade-Off Bard Rogue
Freell’s Tarp Tool/Kit (A) Occasional Rogue Sorcerer
Gambler’s Box Tool/Kit (C) Risky Wizard Warlock
Gloves of the Winter Court Gloves (C) Risky Warlock Barbarian
Gloves of Inx Gloves (A) Occasional Barbarian Fighter
Gloves of Ynx Gloves (A) Occasional Fighter Paladin
Goodfellow Edge Tool/Kit (B) Trade-Off Warlock Druid
Great Bear’s Folly Cloak (C) Risky Barbarian Monk
Green Rider’s Wale Wonderous (A) Occasional Paladin Druid
Guise of the Death Bear Headwear (C) Risky Barbarian Druid
Habidasher’s Mael Clothing (A) Occasional Bard Rogue
Hallfallen’s Scraed Wonderous (B) Trade-Off Barbarian Monk
Halnifar’s Breastplate Armor (B) Trade-Off Paladin Fighter
Hand of the Pact Robe (C) Risky Warlock Sorcerer
Hand of Zeal Headwear (A) Occasional Cleric Paladin
Hands of Fate Gloves (A) Occasional Cleric Cleric
Harp of Cerwyn Ebonflashwood Instrument (A) Occasional Bard Sorcerer
Harrower’s Line Ring (B) Trade-Off Fighter Paladin
Hartlight Beacon Weapon (A) Occasional Ranger Druid
Heart of the Mountain Headwear (B) Trade-Off Fighter Cleric
Heraldic Shield of Marquis Stasch Shield (B) Trade-Off Bard Fighter
Hoarding Gloves Gloves (B) Trade-Off Fighter Bard
Hoardstones Wonderous (B) Trade-Off Sorcerer Wizard
Hollow of War Shield (B) Trade-Off Fighter Paladin
Holy Wonderous (C) Risky Cleric Paladin
Holy Order Staff (B) Trade-Off Cleric Paladin
Hood of the Lazy Kill Weapon (B) Trade-Off Rogue Monk
Hornwail Cord Armor (B) Trade-Off Ranger Rogue
Hurricane Gallichon Instrument (A) Occasional Sorcerer Bard
Irresistable Wind Rod (B) Trade-Off Monk Druid
Kafkan of Knowing Robe (A) Occasional Bard Ranger
Keeper of Ravin Staff (A) Occasional Barbarian Monk
Kel-Orien Surcoat Clothing (A) Occasional Paladin Fighter
Knockstick Rod (A) Occasional Rogue Ranger
Korholt of the Brigh Delac Instrument (B) Trade-Off Warlock Bard
Laffetr’s Pince-Nez Eyewear (B) Trade-Off Bard Ranger
Lament of Naamah Staff (B) Trade-Off Warlock Bard
Lassiter’s Convictus Armor (B) Trade-Off Paladin Cleric
Leaden Cloak Cloak (A) Occasional Druid Warlock
Lesser Phylactery Wonderous (C) Risky Wizard Warlock
Lesserie Lute Instrument (B) Trade-Off Bard Warlock
Liar’s Dice Wonderous (A) Occasional Bard Rogue
Lifedust Wonderous (A) Occasional Wizard Cleric
Light Hammer of Doss Weapon (A) Occasional Fighter Cleric
Lignum of Aeg Wand (A) Occasional Druid Cleric
Long Breath Wonderous (C) Risky Monk Paladin
Lord of Stories Book (B) Trade-Off Bard Sorcerer
Manikanta’s Storm Rod (A) Occasional Druid Cleric
Mantle of Charity Robe (A) Occasional Cleric Paladin
Martyr of Inx Weapon (B) Trade-Off Ranger Druid
Master Key Wonderous (B) Trade-Off Wizard Warlock
Medallion of Wrath Neckwear (B) Trade-Off Barbarian Fighter
Meteor Hammer Weapon (C) Risky Monk Cleric
Monocle of Vice Eyewear (B) Trade-Off Rogue Bard
Muria’s Jessamine Consumable (C) Risky Druid Cleric
Nail Headwear (C) Risky Monk Sorcerer
Nirvat and Sallac Weapon (A) Occasional Rogue Ranger
Obscurant Vane Neckwear (C) Risky Monk Cleric
Odomic Dart Weapon (B) Trade-Off Rogue Ranger
Olaf’s Rock Weapon (A) Occasional Barbarian Druid
Orichalcum’s Rain Wonderous (A) Occasional Wizard Sorcerer
Pact Keeper Book (B) Trade-Off Warlock Cleric
Paolos Crown Headwear (C) Risky Warlock Sorcerer
Passtaff of the Wandering Brother Staff (A) Occasional Monk Druid
Patchwork Cloak Cloak (B) Trade-Off Ranger Cleric
Path of Light Footwear (A) Occasional Paladin Cleric
Pattern of Eternity Wand (C) Risky Sorcerer Druid
Penitent’s Chains Wonderous (B) Trade-Off Cleric Paladin
Periapt of Understanding Headwear (A) Occasional Barbarian Fighter
Plate of Guardium Armor (B) Trade-Off Fighter Paladin
Plate of the Lost Emperor Armor (C) Risky Paladin Fighter
Poacher’s Clothes Clothing (A) Occasional Ranger Rogue
Pontifix Robe (A) Occasional Cleric Paladin
Porter’s Gloves Gloves (B) Trade-Off Rogue Bard
Price of Morning Neckwear (C) Risky Paladin Monk
Promise Wonderous (B) Trade-Off Paladin Monk
Pyre Ring (C) Risky Sorcerer Barbarian
Rage of the Mountain Neckwear (C) Risky Barbarian Monk
Raptor and Thorn Weapon (B) Trade-Off Fighter Monk
Rathian Arquebus Weapon (B) Trade-Off Ranger Rogue
Regulator Weapon (A) Occasional Fighter Barbarian
Render Weapon (B) Trade-Off Barbarian Fighter
Repeating Quiver Wonderous (A) Occasional Ranger Rogue
Revealers Ring (B) Trade-Off Wizard Sorcerer
Ring of Forgiveness Ring (B) Trade-Off Paladin Fighter
Ring of Glory Ring (A) Occasional Ranger Monk
Ring of the Gray Ring (C) Risky Fighter Barbarian
Rings of Barrow Ring (B) Trade-Off Wizard Fighter
Riverstones Eyewear (B) Trade-Off Sorcerer Wizard
Rod of Divine Favor Rod (C) Risky Cleric Paladin
Rodings Bench Tool/Kit (A) Occasional Wizard Rogue
Rotool of the Fletch Sender Tool/Kit (A) Occasional Rogue Ranger
Rushboots Footwear (A) Occasional Rogue Monk
Sandals of Path Footwear (A) Occasional Monk Paladin
Scorpian Lute Instrument (A) Occasional Bard Ranger
Screeching Flute Instrument (B) Trade-Off Bard Warlock
Seed of True Sight Consumable (A) Occasional Sorcerer Cleric
Shade of Life Robe (A) Occasional Druid Cleric
Shaed of Secrets Cloak (A) Occasional Rogue Bard
Shandalplai Tool/Kit (A) Occasional Ranger Bard
Shanhighter Wand (A) Occasional Sorcerer Wizard
Shattered Standard of Wex Shield (A) Occasional Ranger Warlock
Short Supply of Lavishness Tool/Kit (A) Occasional Wizard Monk
Shudderwein Weapon (B) Trade-Off Barbarian Fighter
Skyfire Hraick Robe (C) Risky Cleric Paladin
Slipquick Silks Clothing (B) Trade-Off Rogue Rogue
Sola Scriptura Tool/Kit (A) Occasional Cleric Paladin
Solace of Continuum Staff (C) Risky Sorcerer Druid
Sorcage of Hillicks von Gratt Wonderous (A) Occasional Wizard Cleric
Springmail Armor (C) Risky Druid Cleric
Staff of Primordial Winds Staff (A) Occasional Druid Sorcerer
Stick of Brute Staff (A) Occasional Sorcerer Monk
Sword-breaker Dagger Weapon (A) Occasional Rogue Ranger
Thunderhaeld Shield (B) Trade-Off Barbarian Druid
Tides of Wile Gloves (B) Trade-Off Monk Barbarian
Trapper’s Bow Weapon (A) Occasional Ranger Fighter
Trapper’s Bowcrook Tool/Kit (B) Trade-Off Ranger Bard
True Ward of the Archmage Robe (B) Trade-Off Wizard Warlock
Trust Eyewear (B) Trade-Off Monk Fighter
Unbroken Chain Neckwear (C) Risky Paladin Wizard
Valorious Brille Eyewear (A) Occasional Bard Ranger
Vessel of Men Tool/Kit (B) Trade-Off Barbarian Monk
Viscount Ecchi’s Register Book (B) Trade-Off Sorcerer Cleric
Visor of the Gladiator Eyewear (B) Trade-Off Fighter Paladin
Voca Caparison Clothing (A) Occasional Sorcerer Druid
Wand of the Sky Wand (A) Occasional Druid Cleric
Warboots Footwear (B) Trade-Off Fighter Paladin
Widderstad’s Pavisis Shield (B) Trade-Off Ranger Rogue
Woodman’s Knife Tool/Kit (A) Occasional Ranger Druid
Worms of Purgation Consumable (A) Occasional Warlock Cleric
Xandergrapheis Book (B) Trade-Off Warlock Wizard
Zephyr Spines Weapon (A) Occasional Monk Cleric

26 thoughts on “Magic Items That Are Better Than Nothing (Table of Contents)

  1. This is great! I was actually starting to make my own spreadsheet of your items. This is way better than I would have done. I would definitely contribute to a kickstarter to get this made into a nice PDF.

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    1. I’ve never done such a thing, truly. I have a friend who published an RPG back in 2003 or so… and another who is a lively content producer on Patreon and whatnot.

      I’ll have to look into it seriously–I, too, would like a copy if nothing else. Maybe even on cards like Gale Force Nine did with their spellcards.

      Thanks a lot for reading!


  2. Haha, that’s a really awesome idea. Something like a book of Better than Nothing Magic Items. If you get art work for them, I think they would sell and give you money back.

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    1. I’m working on it a bit. I’ve had a lot of support for this idea… my first real hurdle, though, is figuring out illustration.

      Hopefully in the next month or so!


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