Variant Clerics and Faiths in Kingdoms of Kalamar: Legacy

So, a big chunk of updating Kalamar is updating the information for all the gods and goddesses--and there are a ton. Kalamar is a Divine heavy game. The Variant clerics for each faith (and each faith is really fleshed out with a rank-up system independent of level that gives PC's something work work towards from... Continue Reading →

Divine Right of Kings for Kingdoms of Kalamar: Legacy

One of the clever parts of the old Kingdoms of Kalamar setting was the Divine Right of Kings mechanic which granted divine bonuses to nobility and royalty in the world passively. So, NPC kings really did have a sort of "divine right" to rule. It wasn't that a particular God or Goddess chose them, so... Continue Reading →

Variant Rules – A Different Way to Handle Falling

Variant Rules for Falling It can be hard to have a truly omni-directional combat that means anything in 5e (and not unique to 5e, either). Falling is an almost meaningless mechanic after a few levels and doesn't really represent a lot of worry after 10th. Between Feather Falling and Flying and good saves and hit... Continue Reading →

Making Nobility Work for Players and PCs

So, truly, I like the idea of expanding the DMG a bit in the direction of motivating the players to find reasons for the PC's to want to gain holdings and land and titles and all of that.  Rather than have unending sessions of murder-hobo (which is a fine enough way to play), I want... Continue Reading →

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