Kickstarter Loves Us

Flannel messaged me on Facebook a couple days ago: “TAYLOR!!!”

Of course being an anxious and terror prone person, I was afraid. Was someone dead? Was there an accident? Did he go into the room I stay in at his house and see it was a complete mess….again?

Turns out, it was none of that. Kickstarter had sent him an email declaring us a “Project We Love” and that was the coolest thing. It’s hard putting yourself out there. I’ve always struggled with it. Flannel has used the word “timorous” to describe me many, many times. I just don’t want to disappoint people and with this project, I just really wanted people to like it, find worth in it.

And apparently, Kickstarter does.

Even as we chug along, some days getting tons of pledges, some days only getting a couple, every time someone comments on a Facebook post expressing interest or on a Reddit post declaring how fun it looks, and every time someone simply hearts an image, I feel a little bit better and a little more confident in this whole thing.


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