Making Regency Newcomer Friendly

One of the major conversations Flannel and I have had around developing Regency was about making the game easy to learn, so people who are not as familiar with RPGs could play. I am sure I am not alone in being a bit overwhelmed when I first started playing tabletop RPGs. With so many rules... Continue Reading →

Regency: Live on Kickstarter

Here. We. Go. Regency: An RPG of Taste and Distinction is now live on Kickstarter! Regency is a tabletop roleplaying game of high society maneuvering and romance set against an inspired world of classic period tropes and darling adventures. Players will take on various roles within their family and navigate a world of gossip, beauty, affairs... Continue Reading →

Regency: Balls, Duels, and Scandal. Oh my!

While creating Regency, I knew I needed more than just “social combat” for the game to feel full. In many other RPGs, there is a combat element. The big fight against the villain or monster, where the characters can flourish and show off their variety of uses. Pride and Prejudice (2005) Regency doesn’t have combat.... Continue Reading →

Board Games: The Essential Question – Issue #3: Games of Skill and Telestrations.

Hello again. I apologize for returning later than planned; I was off in the jungles of the Himalayas doing some serious James Bond powerlifting. That is a lie; like, 4 lies in one sentence. You most likely spotted that long before I had to tell you. Good eye. Last time, I waxed poetic on trivia... Continue Reading →

Regency: Jane Austen Never Thought About Math

I have had a tremendous amount of fun making Regency. Thinking out all the various tropes, planning the mini games, and digging in to a time period that I find to be so much fun. It is truly something I love and care about. I spend much of my time nowadays day dreaming about this... Continue Reading →

Board Games: The Essential Question – Issue #2: Trivia Games and Monikers

Hello again. Good to see you; how've you been? How's the family? I got some chips here... and salsa (I know!) So dive right in... oh, you're not here in person. I forget this sometimes. My bad. Well, more chips for me I guess. Party games. We've all experienced them. For my life, those experiences... Continue Reading →

Regency: Tropes, Personality, and Skills

Welcome back to the world of Regency! Or hello if this is your first time here! Thank you so much for your interest in this RPG and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Now, let’s jump in. Instead of having classes, Regency instead has the Trope system. There are certain types of characters that... Continue Reading →

The Regency Collection

“I wish I could be like Elizabeth Bennet.” Me too. “I would love to go to a ball.” Same. “I want my own Duke of Hastings.” I would love one myself but unfortunately, I  can’t just create a handsome Duke who would sacrifice everything for you, well, not in the real world… As a young,... Continue Reading →

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