Finally Coming Up For Air – Our Upcoming Book and Lessons Learned

It's been a long, LONG time since I've updated properly.  That's on me, but I promise, we've been very busy. If you've been following along as we launched the Kickstarter for Lost Artifacts of Greyghast (our 5e magic item compendium currently clocking in as the single largest D&D supplement ever created), you know we've had our elbows... Continue Reading →

A New Project – A New Series

Oh, it's been a while... I know. And, to preview fans on upcoming updates, over the last year we've been creating content but it just hasn't made it here, yet.  There are a couple of hundred new Better Than Nothing items coming in the months ahead (and some revisions of existing ones), a few new... Continue Reading →

What’s Coming Up At MSD

Good morning, everybody... leading into Christmas and the New Year, we're back and posting. And, while we have you, we want to showcase what our next few months of update are going to be (primarily). Our three post-series right now are: Traps to Worry Your Players, where we try and put together traps and traplike ... Continue Reading →

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