A Quick Fantasy Side-Quest Generator

This is a quick and dirty quest generator for fantasy roleplaying games, specifically Dungeons & Dragons, and leans towards a more side-quest format than a large campaign or adventure.

Some creative interpretation required, as individual parts may not always fit together in a way that makes sense. This is part of the fun.

You can follow THIS LINK to have the results automatically generated and maintain some of the surprises.

If that’s not your speed, use the chart below by rolling 1d20 for each category (TYPE, NPC, VERB, SORT, SUBJECT, DEADLINE, REWARD) and plugging the results into the following sentence (the random generator has a few variations on it):

A(n) [TYPE] [NPC] approaches the party and asks that they [VERB] the [SORT] [SUBJECT] before [DEADLINE]. In return they promise to grant [REWARD] as payment.

And remember that if you’re looking for examples of cool magical weapons or items, this site has quite a few.

1 Ragged Sailor Steal Bloodthirsty Heir Famine strikes the region A heartfelt thanks
2 Polished Acolyte Find Disguised Blade It wakes again 1d4+1 barrels of ale
3 Mysterious Soldier Mend Undying Monster A terrible flood 1d3+1 bottles of fine wine
4 Seductive Charlatan Destroy Haunted Relic The invasion begins 2d100 pieces of silver
5 Gregarious Urchin Outwit Enchanted Texts The last day of the trial A First-Born Child
6 Insane Criminal Protect Clockwork Tower An innocent life is lost A Life-Debt
7 Pontificating Talking Beast Hide Uncanny Monarch The illness spreads A Divine Blessing
8 Weeping Entertainer Understand Lost Letter The day of the wedding 1d100 Gold
9 Imperious Apparition Bury Holy Betrothed The chance for justice is lost 1 Magic Scroll
10 Placid Folk Hero Defeat Wicked Flowers They all die Information you need
11 Paranoid Authority Reach Golden Beast of the Wild Twilight, 1d6 sunsets from now 1d3 Magic Items of Some Interest
12 Scarred Artisan Sabotage Chosen Treasure Morning, 1d6 sunrises from now 1 Magic Weapon
13 Amusing Peasant Counterfeit Secret Tree The ritual is complete A Map to Grand Treasure
14 Arcane Hermit Collect Prophesied Bird Noon, 1d6 days from now 1d3 Magic Scrolls
15 Enormous Monster Expose Otherworldly Mirror The coronation is complete Rename the location after you
16 Tiny Noble Reassemble Broken Tomb Life becomes an insufferable hellscape Double your money
17 Colorful Blacksmith Enshrine Promised Stranger The spell wears off 1 Finely Cooked Meal for Everyone
18 Overjoyed Outlander Pacify Cursed Occultist Everyone is transformed 1d4 Days Worth of Food
19 Pious Friend Transport Stolen Child The spell’s effects become permanent An exotic pet
20 Sinister Sage Free Blasphemous Warrior The land falls into darkness 6d100 Copper

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