Project: 12 Days in Greyghast (Sneak Peak at the Plots)

As I discussed in my previous post (click here for that), my two current projects are a little different.  I've had my collection of magic items (and I get tickled pink to this day seeing people out there at ENWorld and and GITPG and reddit and etc., etc. etc.) link to them and discuss... Continue Reading →

Project: 12 Days in Greyghast (Intro)

For the last month, I've been using my current Eberron game (with my most excellent Eberron players) to flesh out the sandbox for my first written and published module.  Now, I've been running D&D for around 12 years properly, and other stuff before that.  I've largely disdained module-based gameplay in favor of more open-world feels--but,... Continue Reading →

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