The Best Budget Minis for Practical Needs

So, we’ve tested out a number of mini solutions. Cardboard stands (too light, too fragile, seem to look nice but feel in the way).  Reaper minis (beautiful but not cheap to field a whole game of NPCs and monsters with).  D&D minis (beautiful and perfect, but definitely expensive) and everything else under the sun, it seems.

What we game with most times are simple to make, materially tough and robust enough to handle drops and sloppy packing and unpacking, clear and clean to see from across the table, useful for tracking actual combats, and even customizable for players.

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On Fighters & Fighting: Part Two

Expanding On Style

The previous post on Fighters talked about the perception of the class as boring, or bland, and attempted to provide a context that shows off how interesting should probably be. This post is going to take that a step further, and look at making sure that Fighters are as engaging when throwing down as they deserve to be.

We all want combat to be something other than a drag, and for the people who play Fighters to feel like they’re doing more than hitting the “do damage” button, but there’s no universal fix or simple solution that will work for all – or even most – of the groups out there.

There are as many different ways to give added style and flavor to combat as there are people running games, and it would be a fruitless effort to try and condense all the best advice into one small blog post. Another author on this site even gave some very good advice on how to introduce memorable elements to otherwise mundane combat.

It’s for that reason that I’m going to pick one small battle and give you some – hopefully – fun tools that are flexible enough to assist anyone looking for a little help on this front.

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“Quick! I Need Two Dozen Random Fantasy Book Names…”

We’ve all been there–scrambling to deal with the question “I search the shelf, so what do I find?”  Of course as DM’s we want to have interesting volume names to rattle off so we’re not just saying “Oh, this book (which is obviously the magic one)”.  But, who has the time to litter their world with tiny useless book names?

I do.

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