Finally Coming Up For Air – Our Upcoming Book and Lessons Learned

It's been a long, LONG time since I've updated properly.  That's on me, but I promise, we've been very busy. If you've been following along as we launched the Kickstarter for Lost Artifacts of Greyghast (our 5e magic item compendium currently clocking in as the single largest D&D supplement ever created), you know we've had our elbows... Continue Reading →

Lost Artifacts of Greyghast’s Kickstarter Is Closing and We Made It!!!!

What To Say?  We reached our goals! What Comes Next? Here's what you can expect in the upcoming weeks. Updates and Amazing Art Preview! What To Say? The short version is that we have reached our one and only Stretch Goal and your book (and your PDF) is going to be in full and vibrant... Continue Reading →

Only Days Away! (then we get back to normal content–promise; we have so many traps to upload)

We are well and truly on pace for our Kickstarter Launch. We've been hiring actors and voice artists (no kidding) for the intro video and polishing the last of the previews. So, another sneak peek? (remember, you gotta join the mailing list for the full res images--click here) Not all items work for all games.... Continue Reading →

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