Lost Artifacts of Greyghast’s Kickstarter Is Closing and We Made It!!!!

  • What To Say?  We reached our goals!
  • What Comes Next? Here’s what you can expect in the upcoming weeks.
  • Updates and Amazing Art Preview!

What To Say?

The short version is that we have reached our one and only Stretch Goal and your book (and your PDF) is going to be in full and vibrant premium color.  We couldn’t have made it here without all of you and I want you to know that I appreciate each and every backer that’s seen us through on this.

We will NOT let you down. We’ll give this our very best and we’ll get the product to you confidently and on time. You won’t worry about where we are with this–you’re going to be with us each step of the way.

Congratulations, everyone.  And thank you, very much.

So What Comes Next?

I’ve made it clear and publicly in several of the places we’re most talked about that we do not have another Stretch Goal.  There are some great ideas for additional products–even for this book–but we don’t want to burden the real point of the Kickstarter with extra work… we want books, high quality, in hands.  We’ve been about that from the start.

We love the idea of item cards, even PDF “print your own” and we may provide that product in the future.  But it won’t be part of this Kickstarter.  However, we have our backer list and would be happy to offer that to you–our first real promoters–later on and for free or pennies on the dollar.  We’ll be in touch there, and we won’t forget your help today when we do.

In the meantime, we have a few days left on the Kickstarter and I’ve decided that every penny from here on out that doesn’t go to fulfillment (books and costs), I just want to use to give the team a bonus.  So, from here on?  Some of the extra Kickstarter will go to redoing some of the art or exploring better printing options–it won’t go to waste at all and it may make the product a little better, but ultimately it’ll be a reward for the team.

If we don’t help each other out?  Honestly?  Who will?

And I don’t just talk the talk there–for anyone who is familiar with me on reddit (/u/jwords over at /r/dndnext primarily) I honestly believe in helping out members of the hobby where one can. I don’t just say it, I love doing it.

So, just know that if you share or promote our Kickstarter further (like I’m going to), you’re doing it to put a few more dollars in the pockets of some hardworking fantasy artists and editors.

They’re a worth bunch.

And What Are The Updates Like From Here On Out?

From now on, updates will come in three forms:

  • Art Previews – We’ll be sharing the works in progress from our Art Team a couple of times a week. Some will be sketches, some will be black and white drafts, some will be color.  We consider this like a casual show and tell for you in the mornings before school or work–something to look at and smile.
  • Layout Previews – We’ll share whole pages or spreads with art and rules and the like for you.  A lot like we’ve done in the past, but in the final layout form with all the beautiful design.
  • Meet the Team – We’ve done a few, but we want to introduce everyone.  You’ll get to know the rest of the Art Team and the Editors and Layout folks.  At some point, maybe me.

So, to that end?

Here’s an Art Preview for you!  This comes from Paula Wiśniewska, who did the Book of Names we showed off in a previous Update.  Paula is incredibly talented and the sketchwork and drafting she’s doing right now is on a few of my favorite items… I positively love the way she depicted the Unbroken Chain and the Barony of Haverwood (yes, this book has magic items that you attune and some of them?  Some of them AREN’T portable).



3 thoughts on “Lost Artifacts of Greyghast’s Kickstarter Is Closing and We Made It!!!!

Add yours

  1. Sadly I only found out about the KickStarter after it was over. Will you by chance be selling the book somewhere after the backers have gotten theirs? I’d love to get a PDF version somehow. Thank you!


    1. Sorry for the late reply, hoss!

      I promise, we’ll be promoting the heck out of the book and the PDF once they’re done. You’ll have an opportunity to get it. : ) We’ll follow-up after it’s out and I’ll get you a discount code as well.


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