Regency: Live on Kickstarter

Here. We. Go.

Regency: An RPG of Taste and Distinction is now live on Kickstarter!

Regency is a tabletop roleplaying game of high society maneuvering and romance set against an inspired world of classic period tropes and darling adventures. Players will take on various roles within their family and navigate a world of gossip, beauty, affairs of the heart, and duties of their social station.

We have been working on this project for some time and are so excited to finally get to share it! Regency is inspired by the work of truly classic masters of the genre like Jane Austen (Pride & Prejudice, Emma)and Georgette Heyer (Arabella, The Corinthian), as well as modern influences like the Bridgerton novels by Julia Quinn and Downton Abby by Julian Fellowes. Our world of courtly expectations and the threat of scandal hums and sings along as the players choose their own adventure through gorgeous scene after scene.

We have done a few changes since the last time I posted on this blog about the game. There will be more Events, a whole Collections for the players to enjoy, and even an etiquette guide so the games can feel as flavorful as possible. However, these additions are only possible if our project receives backing. We are so excited but are nervous as well. Whenever you come before people and ask them for their support, its nerve wracking. You want people to like what you’ve created, to be interested in the product, and to find it intriguing and exciting. If they don’t, then all the work and love to poured into it goes nowhere.

And this project is full of love. I remember the first night that Flannel and I started coming up with the idea for Regency. We had been talking about RPGs and I was lamenting the fact that all I really wanted was to play a dice-based RPG about the Regency Era, full of all the colorful tropes and excitement. So, Flannel and I sat down and started writing ideas on his whiteboard.

And from those scribbled notes on a whiteboard, Regency was born.


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  1. Please please please tell me this isn’t the end. I didn’t even know about it until like 30 minutes ago- I was scrambling the internet trying to buy it. Please tell me this is still a work in progress. My friends and I would LOVE to play this game.


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