Quiverfull and Boxfull of Dollars

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These will lack a “story”, they were some of my older items–I may revisit them again for fluff as a project.

Repeating Quiver

The arrow or crossbow bolt and the quiver itself are a pair of items. So long as the arrow/bolt is in the quiver, over the course of a long rest it multiplies by 1d6 to a maximum of 20 (all that fit in the quiver). Roughly one an hour. If one fires the last arrow/bolt, roll 1d4. On a 1, the quiver cannot regenerate more.

The Gambler’s Box

A plain, clean, unfinished pine box the size of a shoebox. Once per day, if opened, a game appears and the character is locked into a pact to play. Winning the game… a prize. Losing… one step closer to unleashing a small hell.

A demon, bound to the box, gets to pick the game. Once started, the game must be played and should the character delay or try to cheat, they forfeit. Roll 1d20, on 1-5, the demon (DM) may choose the game–as it knows the PC’s and picks something they will hate or be very likely to lose at against it. On a 6-15, it’s a random game. On a 16 or higher, the PC may choose the game.

Bones and Dice: Irregular bone dice appear and the demon (though invisible and intangible otherwise) plays by taking turns rolling 2d6 (starting with the demon, who telekinetically “tosses” the dice as he’s invisible and intangible and mute), first to roll a total value of 7 wins. The bone dice are lopsided and its easy enough for a skilled fast-hands type to manipulate. With a sleight of hand check, DC the passive perception of the demon (16), the PC may change the value of their roll by their Dex modifier… however, if caught, the game is forfeit by the PC. Winning grants the PC 1 “stored” 6 for one d6 roll for that day (example, short sword damage being 1d6–may use their stored 6 to max it). Can grant it to someone else in the party.

Dragonchess: An illusory (but real feeling) set of ivory and bloodstone pieces appear and the familiar round board. Over the course of an hour, a game is played by the PC and the demon. pieces moving and game on. Competing Int (Investigation) or Cha (Deception) rolls are made (PC choice on “how” they play, Demon plays his deception at a +6). Win and get advantage on Investigation or Deception checks for the day.

Cards and Portents: A simple deck of cards appears. The game is Five Hands of Bluff–a gnomish game of skepticism as part of the game is using illusion to make your opponent select cards incorrectly (by masking the cards). Minor illusions or simple magic misdirection is legit, the game takes two hours. Roll Wis save (no proficiency bonus), demon and PC both (difficult is each others’ intelligence score, Demon is intelligence 19). Can only win if you succeed in your own save and the opponent fails theirs… two wins? tie. Two losses? Tie. If PC wins, may auto-succeed at one Wis save that day.

Three Dragon Ante: three bent cards come out–one is the dragon, two are black chalices. The cards go into a flurry of rapid paced misdirection and movement. Player chooses left, middle, or right. DM writes down L, M, or R on a piece of paper/card. Player guesses. If PC has passive perception (without proficiency bonus) over 20–is that naturally clear-eyed and observant… they may select again, if their first choice is wrong. If PC wins, they are immune to Blinding condition for the day.

Every loss by the PC adds a counter to the box. When there are more losses than PC’s levels (not just equal, but more), a Glabrezu appears and attacks everyone.

Proficiency in these gaming sets will allow one to add their proficiency to ability checks or saves or perception involving them.

(something like that)


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