Dice of Reality and a Song of Insanity

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Liar’s Dice

Listen, Charlonso… before you go to their sad colony, know that Tieflings are the great albinos of the world. Outcast. Cursed, some say. Known by their look, but human despite all of that–a tiefling is just as much a person and you or me. Sure, there are some that take their inhuman look as a sign that they must shed their humanity entirely. They see their strange gifts as reason enough to devolve into all the horrible things expected of them. When you look as a demon, sometimes its just easier to play the part.

But, the Dice… the Dice make that all too easy.  They have something I need, boy, take them these and tell them “The Eldest remember…”

System: The Dice are three fantastically perfect six-sided iron dice. They’re heavy and dark grey and while unusual they don’t actually have any sign of being truly special.

But, to the owner, they grant a subtle but perfectly devious power. They hold back the strands of fate and time, they divert the course of the great river of the cosmos for just a moment while the possessor changes its skein.

Once per day, roll 3d6–tossing the dice and letting the universe speak for a moment about its malleability. On a 3 (total) possessor may make one minor lie told in the previous day true and real.

On an 18, the dice no longer work for the possessor at all and never will again.

The history of this item led to a reinforcement of Tieflings as impossible liars, constantly telling mistruths and untruths and boastful tales (because one never knows which morning, tomorrow or the next, one may get to make one of them true).

[“Minor” should be up to the DM… money, to a particular amount; claiming to know someone famous, then having that be true; minor edits to one’s own history like not having been arrested that one time and instead was just taken for questioning or how some lady gave you her favor once or how you found a key to that door years ago, etc.]


Fiddle of the Mad God

Bold lines, a walnut patina, craftsmanship that would impress even the most jaded artisan. The brass rundels and pure white gut… truly, this is a fiddle made for a courtly musician, my lord.  I can only tell you that it wasn’t crafted by any mortal hands. The Fiddle was conjured into being by The Lord of the Blue Tower, an Arch-Fey of the Yanlands beyond the setting sun. And she dropped it into the world to sew chaos and confusion…

…oh, that?  That’s just my troupe in the woods practicing, my lord.  Would you like to come and join the dance?  We float, you see… we all float there…

System: No matter the intention of the player… the song is always the same. A slow, droning hum followed by a maniacal overture of ferocious scraping.

On the first turn playing, at the end of the turn, everyone within 60ft. feels a tingle at the base of their spine.

On the second turn playing, at the end of the turn, all creatures within 60ft. suffer from difficult terrain movement penalties (except the player) that can not be overcome by other class features or abilities–though spells that grant movement may counteract this. All within earshot now feel the tingle.

On the third through 9th turn, at the end of those turns, this effect remains for all within earshot.

At the end of the 10th turn, with great flourish, everyone within earshot takes 4 exhaustion and may resume normal movement and activities.

The fiddler can stop playing at any time.


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