Magic Items That Are “Better Than Nothing” hits 200!

Well, that’s a wrap on that series, for now.  200 items (with mechanics, some play balance, histories, fluffy narratives for interesting Divinations or Identifies, etc. is a lot. It’s been fantastic shooting for the goal and crossing that finish line, and while we’ll be taking a break from that content for a bit we won’t be giving up entirely.

Next up for that collection is a well formatted, linked, searchable PDF and a Kickstarter to stretch goal for paying artists (we have a handful ready and interested) to help us included illustrations of at least some and maybe all of them!  And, if that turns out proper, a bigger stretch goal of a printed product with some celebrity/guest introductions.  All of that coming as a project this summer.

In addition, we’ll be continuing some of our other content series’ like Adventure Pitches, Class Histories, and Monster play-guides as well as trying out a few new ones.  Thanks for reading, everyone.


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