Building a Campaign from the Ground Up Part 6

Weekly followers,

Let’s do it. Last week we discussed the introduction of Unknown and his possible importance to the plot. As well as our plan for the adventurers; how to lead them out of slave hood. Let’s implement it.

From your inputs, I’ve gathered the following responses based on last week’s poll:

  1. Name of slave who has escape plan: Her name is Minni Torre (Yes, she is a minotaur). Why not have a little fun with it? She’s a loner who used to keep a small farm. How she fell into slavery she won’t say.Though our DM can opt to divulge in more of a backstory for her if they choose.
  2. Master Plan? To escape in the wee hours of the morning. But how? Scaling the wall on the north side of the ‘recess’ yard and running off to the nearby woods. But they’re locked in their cell! Yes, but they’re going to dig a hole out.

It seems like a loose plan at best and you’re right; it is. We’ll add the details later as the adventurers go through the encounters. So, the goal is that in the morning during recess/breakfast the slaves are all round up and let loose in the ‘yard’. Once there, Minni Torre will approach them secretively. Some kind of stealth communication. She’ll elaborate on the plan to escape and why she wants/thinks our adventurers can help. Minni will also provide them with 3 missions or objectives to be completed throughout the day to guarantee a successful escape plan.

I think this will provide a good opportunity to give the players options and risk/reward analysis. Let’s say they have to get item A, B, and C but it doesn’t matter in what order. We’ll also give them 3 opportunities to do so and make sure they know it through Minni Torre . Then we’ll leave it up to the players to figure out what time to obtain which item will be easiest. Just because they obtain them in a not ideal order doesn’t mean they won’t be able to, just that it’ll be harder.

As an example, let’s say item A is something to dig out of the cell with.  We’ll let them decide how/what they want to decide the actual item is. We’ll just design and layout the whole slave camp for the DM to utilize. The idea behind this is to help allow each run of the campaign to be unique to the players. No two groups of players will address the three challenges the same—I don’t think.

So we need to come up with the items/things the party needs. I like the first one (a way to dig themselves out of the cell), but what else? POLL OF THE WEEK! What are two objectives for the party to complete in order to ‘successfully’ escape slavery? As always, I look forward to your fantastical input! 😀

I know it’s a short post this week, I had a crazy week in a good and in a bad way. We’ll be back on track next week though. Once you guys give me your input on the possible objectives for the party to complete, we can spend next week setting up the slavery quarters in a way to allow them to figure out ways to achieve them.

Until next time,

Your Fellow Bard-Sorcerer.

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