Happy Holidays

If I can take a moment, I want to encourage all of you out there–all you DM’s and players that really drive the group you’re in (you know who you are… all of you who bring drinks and snaks, host games, run them, give people rides, etc.)..

Consider, this holiday season, giving the gift of one of the core books to a group of players that could use it or a new DM who wants to get her friend’s involved.  Sometimes, especially for those young D&D fans out there, the $40 you would spend on a few extra luxuries in a month is the $40 they don’t have to spare to play with a lifetime of adventure.

For real.  Hit up some of the places where DM’s and players congregate (reddit, enworld, giantsitp, etc.) and Amazon gift someone a book.

DMs gotta look out for each other…

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