That’s all, really.

I always MEAN to update my site–the once or twice a year I think about it. Mostly, I just keep encouraging my friends who do content creation for games online to just take it over and write whatever they want.

I’ll think on some new content, I’m sure–but between you and me? I don’t know that any of my ideas are going to be all that amazing.

I’ve run some phenomenal games this past year or two. I’ve created content for local play. I’ve done some work with a few virtual cons.

Now, I’m watching Dimension 20 and where I kinda shrugged at Critical Role existing (because it wasn’t really my kinda thing), I am amazed at how great this one is. I get why whole generations of player are coming from this–it’s a marvelous show. It succeeds at half the stuff we tried with Dice City.

I’ll think on how to update this place.

Maybe just transcribe some of the stuff we’ve been doing for fun for the last couple of years, anyway.