The Regency Collection

“I wish I could be like Elizabeth Bennet.”

Me too.

“I would love to go to a ball.”


“I want my own Duke of Hastings.”

I would love one myself but unfortunately, I  can’t just create a handsome Duke who would sacrifice everything for you, well, not in the real world…

As a young, female RPG player, I have tried my hand at many TTRPG games. Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire: The Masquerade, Warhammer 40K, and a couple more. I loved all of them. The fantasy of DnD, the politics of Vampire, and killing aliens and heretics in Warhammer. I have found so much joy in playing these games and have learned so much about myself through playing them.

I was told about Good Society by a friend of mine and I loved it! We played through a wonderful story for couple weeks and had a blast doing so. Hayley Gordon (@storybrewers) and Vee Hendro (@Rocketeer_Vee) created an incredible game. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend visiting their site and taking a look at Good Society.

But I wanted to make my own TTRPG. And thus, Regency was born.

“A lady’s imagination is always rapid”

Jane Austen ~ Pride and Prejudice

While there is some similarities to Good Society (due to the setting), Regency is more in line with traditional TTRPGs. It has dice rolls, stats, and mini games to give a different player experience than the one they get playing Good Society.

Regency places the players in the role of family members during the Regency Era. Players will have a choice of various Tropes they can choose from, which will affect their Personality, the amount of skills they will be able to pick up, and special abilities which will both help and hurt them throughout the Novel (Campaign). Many of these Tropes will be familiar for fans of the genre but even if you’re unfamiliar, they are fairly intuitive. 

Art by Samartisan – Prints available on Etsy

The Tropes:

  • The Heir – The one who shoulders the burden of the Family’s future.
  • The Spare – The one who could’ve been the Heir but isn’t.
  • The Black Sheep – The one who just does not belong.
  • The Meddler – The one who should learn how to mind their business.
  • The Gossip – The one whose whispers shape their world.
  • The Darling – The one kept safe and sweet at home.
  • The Newcomer – The one who has just shown up.

“I’d never miss such an important day for you and our family”

Bridgerton (S1,E1)

Instead of a party or a coterie, you will play as a Family trying to maintain your Rank, Wealth, and Status while also attempting to find love, change your fate, and avoid scandals. Now, just because you are a Family, it does not mean you are all related directly. The second cousin twice removed can still be a Family member, so can the close friend who is always around, or even a recently widowed Sister-In-Law. The Family is still a unit however and what one Character does can (and will) impact the Family as a whole.

There will be balls, scandals, duels, business, and more as mini games to add flare and flavor to the worlds and stories you will build as characters in the Novel.

KelleyBean86 on DeviantArt

An Author will act as the guide. Narrating through the story and giving you plenty of friends, enemies, and potential love interests to keep you satiated! Like a Dungeon Master or Storyteller, the Author is there to help curate a story that everyone at the table would like.

A young woman who must marry in order to secure a financial future? Sure. A young man torn between love and duty? Of course. Someone who has the family business thrust upon them and has to keep the family afloat? Definitely.

While I personally love a good story about the struggles of young women in a patriarchal society, not everyone does. Women can be the heirs in your story! Feel free to romance whoever you wish! The world is yours to make. Regency will feature a diverse cast of NPCs, different races, sexualities, gender expression, and more. This is a fantasy version of the Regency Era and is not meant to be played historically accurate (or else everyone should die at the ripe old age of 35).

Juliajm15 on DeviantArt

My hope through Regency is that people get to tell stories they love, create interesting characters, and have fun with friends around a table. At the end of the day, that’s what TTRPGs are about, building connections with your own personal community. And if a few more people get introduced to TTRPGs through this then I will have achieved something pretty cool.

I will be releasing parts of Regency (Alpha) over the next couple weeks, in hopes of getting some some feedback and giving people a taste of what Regency will be. The first Trope I will be releasing is my personal favorite: The Black Sheep. We all have felt like we haven’t belonged before; we’ve all been a Black Sheep.

Now, maybe you can make a Duke who will give you the world, but in the world of Regency instead.


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