A New Project – A New Series

Oh, it’s been a while… I know.

And, to preview fans on upcoming updates, over the last year we’ve been creating content but it just hasn’t made it here, yet.  There are a couple of hundred new Better Than Nothing items coming in the months ahead (and some revisions of existing ones), a few new expansions on both the Kalamar Legacy and new Greyghast series of setting details and information, and (most proudly) we are exploring our first ever “filming D&D” experience!

There are a ton of great series’ out there–of course there are.  And I enjoyed tuning into the phenomenal “Critical Role” and others, but every DM and every table has their own style and flavor and I hadn’t yet seen mine out there.  So… we’re working through logistics and schedule and plan on seeing how best to make this happen.

Wish us luck.


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