Variant Clerics and Faiths in Kingdoms of Kalamar: Legacy

So, a big chunk of updating Kalamar is updating the information for all the gods and goddesses–and there are a ton. Kalamar is a Divine heavy game. The Variant clerics for each faith (and each faith is really fleshed out with a rank-up system independent of level that gives PC’s something work work towards from an RP standpoint) are niche and clever and detract very little from the overall game.

Most of my favorite clerics ever were Kalamar Variant clerics that players played in my game. Really giving themselves over to non-ambiguous religions expectations and duties.

Our first pass at this will be the Good gods and goddesses and faiths.  We’ve got a Google Spreadsheet that outlines the following:

  • Temple Name (name of the faith)
  • Standards (alignment, spheres of influence, favored weapons, name of holy books, etc)
  • Restrictions (because with the new 5e cleric domain mechanics, it makes the most sense to identify banned domains moreso than what is the included–a subtle clustering of clerics this way and that without needing to invent a dozen new domains to make the perfect domain).
  • Ranking and titles (and duties for those cleric ranks)
  • Variant Channel Energy (what the Variant clerics do instead of turning Undead)

We’ll update the other 2/3rd of the faiths soon–as we’ve been playtesting the Variant updates and want to make sure they’re not game breaking or unbalance anything too much.

Find our Spreadsheet here… 



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