keep-calm-we-re-backBack.  I am most definitely back from both real life and vacation… gone longer than I thought I’d be.  But that’s how it is when your group has holiday interruptions to sessions and a man has to pay the bills. But, that out of the way, we’re going back to our old update schedule starting this weekend.

At the moment, we have a half-dozen new items for our Better Than Nothing series, a half-dozen new traps for our Make Players Worry series, a review of the mass-combat rules from Unearthed Arcana (our game ran through a multi-battle war), and some other gaming content (we’ll be adding some reviews and opinions about Savage Worlds, some old school systems, and conversions from old D&D).

Oh, and we’ll post up some details about our building and playing our own full game of “Chardee MacDennis” (hundreds of cards, props, pain and terror, etc.).

It’s going to be a busy holiday.