What’s in the Box? (Part 2)

Last year, I posted up about what sorts of things I bring to my table. I’m pretty picky about supplies and love cycling through stuff on Etsy or other sites, looking for the strange new and completely worth it accessory.

If you’ve ever purchase Gale Force Nine cards? You know what I’m talking about–sometimes, the right table tools are just the icing on the game cake.

I always have The Box–and over the years it’s evolved from a purely utilitarian plastic toolbox to a more “warm” wooden art box. My current box is a Lanza Toolbox and has plenty of space for my whole rig and then some.

Here’s what’s inside:

  1. Random Game Bits like a couple of decks of cards, stacks of poker chips, Play-doh all help for unexpected game needs; the roll of quarters is something I started carrying because I’d rather toss a player a few quarters than have them thirsty and distracted; and I try to keep trinkets for my players for fun–especially the new people–to make them feel welcome. Currently, I have a “Book of Nod” pin for VtM waiting to hand out.


  2. Spell Trackers from Kracken Skulls Consortium and Inspiration Tokens from MerikMade; I have enough for all the players, if they needed them and they’re excellent. Something about having a simple, but practical and nice looking spell tracker and physical Inspiration makes the game connect more.  The less writing and erasing, the better.


  3. Stuff to write with is critical. We rock Tombow Monos for excellent and super excellent writing (don’t skimp on pencils, a good one will change your world), a few basic Kum Classic Sharpeners to circulate the table, and the phenomenal Paper Mate White Pearl Erasers. Past that, I tend to use Pilot G2 pens for everything (literally, in life).


  4. Notes and Tabs are a must. The Paper Mate Post-It Tabs are awesome for bookmarking your PHB or DMG. They’re removable, but quality–thick and plastic instead of thinner paper. Great book markers. Then some white notecards for in game play and a few paper Post-Its in various small sizes for “on the fly” marking things on the map as needed.  Way better than just relying on markers. A tiny colored Post-It strip stands way out.


  5. My Miniatures set (shameless plug for me, this is the second and best set I’ve made yet). A dozen “smalls”, a dozen “mediums”, four “larges”, two “huges”, and one “colossal” and a 10 set of colored PCs?  I can run virtually anything. Combat is lightening fast with the letters as references, and they’re made of solid hardbaked clay–weighty and feel good on the table.  I’m half tempted to make sets to sell, they’re that awesome.


  6. I don’t want to under emphasize the pure awesome utility of a good straight edge or ruler. Too many DMs hand-draw those dungeon lines when they could more quickly slap a ruler down and draw tightly and confidently.


  7. I have never made any apology for my love for Kaplow’s Jumbo Dice. Big, visible, good quality, roll well… great contrast. No hunching over dice, no squinting to read against weird patterns or transparencies. They roll short, heavy, good, and my players now swear by ’em.  I keep enough sets to run a game for all players.  In the box with ’em (and yeah, there’s a d10 set in there, I’m an old school White Wolf kid).


  8. Expo Markers and some Wet Erase for good measure.  Pack ’em in.


That’s my Box.


Add in some Paizo Flip mats and a few D&D books in the bag and I can drop a game anywhere in style. My players want for nothing. They should only be focused on the game,

What’s in your Box?


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