MSD at International Tabletop Day

For ITD, a vacation was in order and I rented a fancy car and we drove for hours and hours to be on the Mississippi Gulf Coast visiting maCnarB’s Gaming in Gautier, MS.  Where the very best boardgame expert I, personally, have ever met lives–a close friend of mine whose done competitions and could build a house with all the games he owns–brick by cardboard boxed brick.

Yes, for those who might recognize him… that’s Jim Sterling, there.

We played through nearly a dozen games and got to meet several dozen patrons, two who were fans of Many-Sided Dice it turned out (we found out while talking about D&D in the back and they started listing off their favorite homebrew sites). Shout out to Kevin and Ian!

This was a good day, and I hope everyone everywhere as lucky as the Gulf Coast to have a store with such a strong community. A place to play, hang out, have fun.

We’ll be back with more content for you all in the coming weeks–though our coming Kickstarter is taking up most of our attention. We’ve already started the re-writes and expansions of our Trap collection (and that may be a book one day!).


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