Lost Artifacts of Greyghast on Sale Now!

2018 is off and running and we’re excited about the hundreds of Kickstarter backers, reviewers, fans, and well-wishers that have given love to our first publication–Lost Artifacts of Greyghast – A 5th Edition Magic Item Compendium.

You can find your copy over on DriveThruRPG (PDF, Softcover, and Hardcover) for this massive nearly 500-page tome filled with deep and interesting magic items that offer DMs and Players plot seeds, campaign ideas, interesting mechanics, and safe-for-any-game play!  It’s the only compendium of its kind!


Click here to get your copy and check our reviews!

And don’t take our word for it… here’s what our reviewers have said–real people with their hands on the book:

Erica V. [DriveThru RPG Verified Purchaser]

“This book is amazing. They did such a great job on it and put so much care and thought into every little detail that if this is what I can expect from Manysided Dice in the future, then I’m going to be a customer for life. Especially after seeing how generous the author is over on r/dndnext and how much the community appreciates all the things he’s done for players and GMs all over the world.

If you want the best addition to D&D5e made yet for your game, then this is the book to get.”

Shane W. [DriveThru RPG Verified Purchaser]

“Illustrations are great as well as the items themselves. Each one has plenty of backstory.

The indexes are a pleasure to see and use. If your looking for a quality book of artifacts to use in your game then look no further.”

Izzy M. [DriveThru RPG Verified Purchaser]

“A brilliant book. Not just for gamers. Where the outstandind atention to detail as a pdf and hard copy are unequaled. And should be used as a benchmark for all ebooks especially. But also a great coffef table read for all hard core fans of fantasy. Who just enjoy reading about the props an magical paraphinalia that go with the whole genre.

if you but one book about fantasy artifacts. Make it thiis one. Especially if its an ebook.it needs to be seen to understand the true difference talent can make to this emerging format”

Lee P. [DriveThru RPG Verified Purchaser]

“An absolutely fantastic resource of not only magical items from varying degrees of power but every one with history to give you ideas for plot hooks and campaigns.

each item has is fantastic artwork and a notes box for you to keep track of what you used them for our to put I your own amendments

The printed book itself is over an inch thick, I couldn’t believe it when it arrived.

Excellent quality thanks many sided dice for your hard work increating it and putting it all together.”

Robert H. [DriveThru RPG Verified Purchaser]

“This is well worth twice the asking price in any format. I have spent a few weeks with this book, and I can’t ask for any more from it! I truly love the way the PDF is put together, it is indexed , it is logically layed-out, and especially the fact that I can include my own notes 🙂 that is a very excellent idea! The narrative that comes with each item gives you lots of ideas that you could use in your own campaign, some not even involving the magic items. The description and uses of the items are just as great, and go so in-depth that they even include ways to limit or expand them for your own uses. I can already see how I’m going to include these in my own games. None of these items are overpowered in anyway, if you think they are, just keep reading, and you will see, they will balance out in the end, and are still way better than most things you are used to seeing. I got the soft cover with through the Kickstarter, simply because I knew it was going to be a working book. At present I am getting a hard cover just so I can have another copy of the art, this is a beautiful book. Hats-off and back-on to the artists, and everyone else, involved with this.”

And on and on and on…

…we’re just getting started and we’ll have more awesome products out this year!


Later w/Love,

Flannel and the Team at MSD


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