“Alright, Fine. I’ll Update This Site Regularly” OR “Quarantine Blogging”

Clearly, it’s been a long while since I updated the Many-Sided Dice Publishing blog here. Many could read that as a lack of interest or drought of time for it… both would be right.

In the time since I last updated, a lot has changed. I’ve moved cities for some new career stuff, lost my very satisfying RPG group (the live one) to the whole “getting older and people moving away” trope, and found it really hard to carve out enough time to get on with the book projects I felt I might.

Lost Artifacts of Greyghast has become a GOLD BESTSELLER on DriveThruRPG (huzzah!) and maintains a user review rating of, like, 4.9 or something. Crazy. It’s satisfying, of course, and I’m proud of the work–but it was several years ago and like Eddie Murphy reminded us about ages ago… “what have you done for me lately?”


I have an Arch-Fey adventure in me that I’ve tested with some groups in the last couple of years to good review–but finding the time to really crank it out as a project? Not sure. I always say “maybe next quarter”, but pffft. There’s just been so much change.

So, why update this blog?

In the same big gap of years represented in the history of posts here, I’ve missed opportunities to share the hobby and what I’ve been doing in it.

Not many people know I did a few Twitch shows. Got to be on a panel at a small con. Met a famous person (well, famous in the context of modern D&D fame) who was a fan of my book. Met a new group I’ve been playing with for over a year now. Played a character I really liked (I usually hate playing) in a game a friend is running. Given away, now, over 100 books to people or organizations (PHBs, DMGs, Monster Manuals, Xanthar’s, Tome of Foes, etc., etc., etc.)–the 100th was this week. To a teacher in South Dakota who had been organizing D&D play for kids–real nice fella’.

Anyhow, I saw that 100 mark and thought, “Fuck… maybe I should get back into the community a little more”.

And then I said, “Naw… you’ve no time for all that.”

And then I was faced with the crushing reality that I’m almost made of time, these days. I work from home, my giant Great Dane is an old man and no bother at all, COVID has shut down the community-at-large for some time… frankly, if I don’t have time now? I shouldn’t ever have time again.

So, public personal hobby goals?

Talk about the games I’m in, because I think some things are worth sharing from them (and this as someone who is kinda bored by “game talk”). About the projects I want to get done this year.

Dunno. We’ll see what I do with this space–but I have it and it gets great traffic, even without me touching it (enough to pay for itself existing and put a little Christmas money in hand).

If you have ideas?

Share ’em


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