The community is the hobby, the hobby is the community, and we owe each other more – #Blacklivesmatter

Over this past week, millions of people are grieving for George Floyd and others who have been the victims of violence by those meant to protect us. Protests have rightfully engaged in nearly every major city in the country and we’re watching a season of unrest and bravery that I’m both proud to see and ashamed was necessary.

In the spirit of better people than me, silence isn’t an option and a personal pledge that the causes of this pain can’t be forgotten is only right.

The President has managed to display a more embarrassing failure of leadership than during the Charlottesville march for hate and subsequent tragic murder of Heather Heyer.

We have genuine wounds in our society caused by an intersection of toxic arousal over violence and power and racial privilege. I believe the path forward is more than listening, but activation and engagement.

I’m proud of the protesters that have peacefully and at great risk tried to be heard, here where I live and around the country. I’m hopeful that 2020 ends with more hope than has been felt these last few years.

I appreciate how unimportant one tiny little game book publishing outfit (with one title out there, a blade in a sea of grass, really) is not the agent to dictate change or insist on attention. I’ve no right to speak for those who suffer, but I can align myself with them and promise to advance a better world in the ways I can. It’s a moral choice. One that should be easy for anyone and one that I dearly hope more people learn to make wisely amongst those of us that have lived with the privilege of experiencing an America that already behaves as though we matter.

Be safe, everyone. And be heard.


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