Darkness and Lightness

Presence of the Lightbearer Kurt squatted down on his haunches, watching his young partner fidget. The tunnel went deep, his shoulders ached from repelling down it for the last half hour. The halfling, by contrast, only seemed to grow more excited and spry with every new drop. The hole continued down, not perfectly vertical of... Continue Reading →

Project: 12 Days in Greyghast (Sneak Peak at the Plots)

As I discussed in my previous post (click here for that), my two current projects are a little different.  I've had my collection of magic items (and I get tickled pink to this day seeing people out there at ENWorld and RPG.net and GITPG and reddit and etc., etc. etc.) link to them and discuss... Continue Reading →

Building a Campaign from the Ground Up Part 9

Let’s hop to it; shall we? This week we’re going to look at designing a Timed Encounter for our players. Now, this rendition of it will be left a little open. We’re going to base it around the idea that the party is going to scale the wall with crafted ladders. However, the DM could... Continue Reading →

Project: 12 Days in Greyghast (Intro)

For the last month, I've been using my current Eberron game (with my most excellent Eberron players) to flesh out the sandbox for my first written and published module.  Now, I've been running D&D for around 12 years properly, and other stuff before that.  I've largely disdained module-based gameplay in favor of more open-world feels--but,... Continue Reading →

Building a Campaign from the Ground Up Part 8

Good Wednesday, Readers, Last week we went over the general scheme of things for the big prison escape. We left a lot open to flexibility and improvisation. This was done on purpose to help our DM understand that the characters need to help craft the story. The DM might ignore the advice but there’s only... Continue Reading →

Our Second Test of a Low-Cost, Home-Built Projected Table-Top

For those paying attention, we've been working on physical resources--not just digital ones--this month.  If you haven't looked at our first projector build you can click here.  Since then, we decided to take the basic concept and put a little more engineering into it. But, first principles... we still wanted to keep the build itself... Continue Reading →

Building a Campaign from the Ground Up Part 6

Weekly followers, Let’s do it. Last week we discussed the introduction of Unknown and his possible importance to the plot. As well as our plan for the adventurers; how to lead them out of slave hood. Let’s implement it. From your inputs, I’ve gathered the following responses based on last week’s poll: Name of slave who... Continue Reading →

Our First Test of a Low-Cost, Home-Built Projected Table-Top

It's all the rage and just started up as a fad... using projectors to cast an image onto a table top for the running of games like D&D (honestly, I've not heard of it used anywhere else, but it would be hugely useful for complex combat-oriented games like Dark Heresy as well).  I first saw this... Continue Reading →

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