Sneak Peek at Our Upcoming Kickstarter

Here’s a tiny peek at the art and manuscript for our upcoming 300+ page beast of a tome of deeply flavored, storied, historied, and gorgeously illustrated magic items.

If you want the fuller, bigger resolution images–you’re going to have to sign-up for our mailing list. That’s where we show them.

Corwiss Sneaksmal

The manuscript is written.  Totally and 100%, and we’re in the slow process (you can see the mark-up in the image) of copy editing for all the boring stuff like spelling and the like.  All the hundreds of items in it have been Revised and balanced out for optimum play and maximum fun, without being a threat to any DM’s campaign. The philosophy for any of our items at Many-Sided Dice is “it has to be something the Player wants their character to have and the DM doesn’t have to worry about wrecking their game”.

You won’t find a single +1 sword in the book (and no variations of that… like 15 “different” swords doing 15 different damages–who is fooled by that?).  You won’t find staffs that give you different spells already in the PHB. You won’t find overblown and overgrown items that are just a wish list of all the powerful things a player wants to have.  You won’t find items that try and give a character some other class’s abilities because someone couldn’t quite make that “build” work perfectly.

You WILL find hundreds of items that are almost “one of a kind” in any world and any setting (and appropriate for virtually all of them from Dragonlance to Faerun to Eberron to nearly any). And, maybe as important, none of them are locked to only one setting! There is no item in the entire book that operates under the necessity of playing this or that campaign setting to get the fullest use of the book.

You WILL find an Item Identification Variant Rule system that’s easy as pie for any player to learn and finally makes some solid, predictable, and fun sense of trying to Identify items–including unique origins for every single item in the book that can fit nearly any setting with references to ancient empires or forgotten gods. Each item can be largely identified at a glance for people with the right Knowledge skills–we reward people that want to play smart, educated characters!  And the Sage background, all of a sudden, becomes worth a TON.

You WILL find that all of our items have a unique attunement. Sometimes a task to perform (story ideas!) or a quest to complete or just the right prayer to say… but they’re all rich and flavorful and give your players real interaction with the items. None of our items are just “pick it up, put it down”.

You WILL find so much deep inspiration from these items you’ll have dozens of campaign arcs blowing up in your head and a desire to try them all. One of the most common things we’ve heard for two years from the “1st edition” of our items from DMs and players all over the world is “I added it to my game and then the whole thing took a turn…” because our items are like reading great adventure pitches, having new factions, inventing new faiths and gods, getting new ideas for politics and nations, and brewing up fresh encounters and conflicts with each and every single one.

You WILL find gorgeous art of each item… giving you a real feel and flavor for now just how it looks (you got that from the DMG), but also how it’s supposed to feel and work and what kind of climactic moment was it designed for… and our team of artists is–I’ll just say it–maybe the best in the whole business.

Join our mailing list or follow our Kickstarter page or follow us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter… or do all of that.  Because we’re going to bring you the biggest, best compendium of magic items and campaign ideas current in existence (well, for 5e anyway, right?).


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