About One Week to Go to Big Showy Kickstarting

This week, our mailing list is going to get a few awesome sneak peeks at our upcoming Kickstarter…

  • We’ll be revealing the name of the book.
  • Showcasing some of the newest Art for it.
  • Introducing a few of the Team and their backgrounds (including the products they’ve done work on in the past).
  • …and teasing out the Introduction Video we’ll be kicking it all off with.

Our Pre-Kickstarter process has been valuable and a learning experience. Our Art Team has swelled to a half-dozen extremely talented professionals, our Cover is shaping up to be hands-down just one of the coolest I’ve ever seen on a D&D Supplement, and the manuscript is inches away from being fully drafted and nearly done with the primary Editing.

This is going to be a book you’ll want at your table.  Hundreds of magic items, hundreds of origins, hundreds of story-hooks and adventure ideas baked right INTO each one, hundreds of fun mechanics and nothing in the whole book that will ruin, unbalance, or wreck your game. Magic items should be fun, fully of story, and safe for gameplay.  Anything less and it’s noise.

Here’s the teaser image from the Circlet of Endings–a druid and Oath of Ancients paladin item born from a great war between the two when the world and the gods and goddesses that sought to claim dominion over it clashed brutally in the old times. The Circlet is the last promise, the last peace… it marked an end to those wars with a great sacrifice and horror that history has long forgotten.

Until now…


For full sized resolution previews and a chance to read the item itself, you gotta sign up for our Mailing List.  I promise… it’s worth it.


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