Only Days Away! (then we get back to normal content–promise; we have so many traps to upload)

We are well and truly on pace for our Kickstarter Launch.

We’ve been hiring actors and voice artists (no kidding) for the intro video and polishing the last of the previews.

So, another sneak peek?

(remember, you gotta join the mailing list for the full res images–click here)

Not all items work for all games. This is one of the biggest obstacles for a company like WotC when making books like the DMG. Some games are deep dives into treacherous terrain and horrorful things around every corner. Some games are intriguing arcs through the political and subversive, fighting off guards and cutthroats and uncovering mysteries.

One of our favorite items, The Finery of the Duke of Gaw, really showcases what we think exists out there in the enormous ocean of players and DMs and rarely gets attention. Sure, who doesn’t love shiny and bold armor?  But what if you’re an aristocrat that still wants to look the part while adventuring with these… common folk….?.



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